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31st October 2014

Anyone want a headache? I tried to talk to my care worker a couple of days ago and I got the distinct feeling he couldn't give a crap about what I was trying to tell him, then he suggested I tried talking therapy again. Last time I done it, it contributed to me having a stroke. I guess he wants me to kick the bucket. 
I've been feeling okay-ish for the last few days, I been having a lot of headaches though. They last a few minutes then disappear and come back again a few minutes later. I take a couple of painkillers but they don't and they're prescription ones as well and very strong.
Had my grandchildren visit last weekend, my little grandson is only 18 mouths old and he is such a character. Whenever he wants something he comes to his old grandad, not his mum, not his grandma, but little old me, it really makes my day, I love it.
So it will soon be that time of year again, that time when everything goes wrong for me, I wonder what will happen this year?
I have been busy today building a forum for someone today. took me 4 hours and still loads to do, all good fun.
So just a little blog this time as my head hurts