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9th December 2015

Nearly the end of another year, what has been achieved by me? Nothing at all, except I have have had all my family turn against me, on my  missus side, her sister and her two daughters and son, I guess I deserve it, there is only a certain amount people can take. Mental health, in particular, cpstd is still so misunderstood, even my own brothers and sisters have shoved me out again.
My memory is still going, slowly, oh well, I was warned at the hospital that it would do. The pain is still there every day. Here I go moaning again, so I'll shut up, for a change I know.
The 16th December is approaching, the anniversary of my mum's death, I can feel myself dropping into the pit of depression again, I can feel myself clawing at the walls of the pit, but losing with every day that passes, it's an awful feeling.

I doubt I will be writing here anymore till the new year, if I'm still alive.


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