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Saturday 23rd April 2016

I have been running back and forth every day to the hospital for an injection of antibiotics for nearly three weeks, then they had a wonderful idea of bringing in a dermatologist. They gave me a small tube of cream to rub into my leg and said good bye to me.
The skin on the infected right leg was so dry, it was to be enough to last four weeks, twice a day. It lasted just about four days, twice a day. My leg has grown to about twice the normal size in diameter. The cream was great for clearing the dry skin, but as for the cellulitis, that has grown with a vengeance and the pain has grown with it as well. Yesterday, I phoned the hospital and spoke to the department that was giving me the injections, I told them that my leg was worse and was about the same as the first day I was taken in by ambulance, the reply was you'll have to go to your GP and get referred to the hospital, it made me feel like I had been patted on the head like a little dog and sent on my way.
Luckily I spoke to the GP's a couple and I've got an emergency appointment on Monday 25th, normally I would have to wait a month or so to see my GP, it's amazing the amount waiting I have to do there nowadays, I've been a patient there for around 28 years and it has slowly got harder & harder to get an appointment and virtually impossible to get an appointment on the same day.



12th April 2016

Yet again it has been so long since I wrote here, reason? I have been so busy with real life things. 
I spent a spell in hospital in mid march with sepsis and a possible blood clot or cellulitis in my right leg. The sepsis was got rid of quite quickly, but the other thing, which still in question, has had me running back and forth from the hospital for anti biotic  injection every day, it certainly makes things easier with my agoraphobia, I now have three places on my list that I can go to without any problems. 
The end of this week, 15/4, I have to go for yet another scan to see if they can get a clear image to see if I have a clot in my leg or not, the last one was a failure because of the amount of fluid in my leg, it's so swollen and painful. I have surprised myself, a stroke on my left side and this other crap in my right leg, how the hell do I walk? Very slowly hobble or waddle I must look a right sight when people see me.
Oh well I got so much else to put here but my head is all of fluster tonight.