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23rd October 2014

Here we are again. Recently all I can think about is death, my death, people I know, their death, everyone's death. Why? I really would like to know. Death is a subject I know, I have survived death, as a kid I was stabbed, my father tried to drown me, poison me, he even set me on fire. all of these I have survived. I have tried several times to take my own life, the last time I done this I did actually die, but, the hospital brought me back, why? I wish they didn't at times, even now.
People go on about God and the afterlife. They go on about how they sends prayers about people. I say what a load of tosh. What is God? In my opinion, it's an entity that has been passed down through the years, it is something that is drummed into people as children. It is written about in a book that also has been passed down through the ages, this book is called the bible. Again in my opinion this book was written by some very clever story tellers over two centuries ago.
How can people in the twenty first century still believe in a story that was told and written about so long ago? How can anyone believe such stories without proof that they actually happened. I am told it is called faith. 
I say this, "do you believe in ghosts?" most will answer no, but how can they believe there's an afterlife if they don't believe in ghosts? Isn't that what a ghost is? Someone who has died? Of course it is. Isn't that what God is? Of course it is.
I have found that through my life, people who shout loudest about religion, normally are the most violent. Look at what is going on today in this world of ours. There are people out there killing in the name of religion, why? Isn't religion supposed to be about peace and love? Isn't religion about helping your neighbour? Helping the stranger on the street? I rarely see any of this these days.
How often does anyone give a few pennies to someone who is homeless? Very rarely. 
Now there are these Muslim radicals, killing and raping women in the name of religion, there are people being beheaded in the name of religion, 
What is religion? Having faith in something that a person has never seen of or even heard, saying that though there are people who have supposed to have seen things and heard things that they say is supposed to be this God. If I said that I had spoken to God and he answered me I would be locked up and the key would be thrown away.
So why do people believe in these things? I really don't know. Are people gullible? Yes I think that they are, what else can it be called? What else can I call someone that believes in something that they have never heard, seen or smelt?