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22nd June 2015

The last posting was how I was feeling, but I am still here. Some would say worse luck, I know, even I would say it, I have gone through some real crap lately. I went and saw my psychiatrist a few days ago. I printed off the page dated 29th May, he read it and said 'he was confused, because the time we last met everything seemed good,' yes it did, it was fine, but it's not fine now. he kept asking asking questions, I felt like he was invading me somehow, I couldn't handle it too well. Then came the end of my appointment, I normally have a hour with him, but now I got half hour, I felt he couldn't get rid of me quick enough, I had so much to say but couldn't. 

Today I went to a place which is run by a charity called 'The fircroft trust.' I have been registered with them three times now, but I couldn't go or should I say I didn't want to go if the truth be known. I I was amazed once there, I decided to get a firm called dial a ride to take me there, because I knew if I went by public transport, I wouldn't go. Dial a ride picks you up from your front door and takes you where ever you want within the London area (except hospitals strange that) then pick you up and take you home, it's for the elderly, disabled and anyone who just can't get about. I had a fantastic driver as well. 

Walking into the house where this charity is based, I was met by the lady who runs the the house. We had a talk and she showed my around, they do so much, I have wondered since I got home why I didn't go before, but the answer really is down to the cptsd and agoraphobia I guess. Among all the other crap in my head, but today I made it and I am so glad I did.

I am going to go again next week and maybe have a couple of games of snooker or pool, watch out everyone there, the hustler has arrived hahaha