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26th October 2016

Hi all, yet again it's been a few weeks since I last wrote here. I have been so rough most of the time, it took most of my strength just to keep myself smiling and not letting on, yes, I did slip several times and snapped at the missus, but, most of the time I was okay.
Ended up in hospital again with sepsis, only for a couple of days, maybe next time those little bugs that cause the sepsis might do a better job.
My memory seems to be getting slowly worse, a few days ago I wondered where I was for a few seconds, but I soon came around and realised where I was. Then theres the pains I keep getting in my head, jeez, sometimes it bloody well hurts, it don't last very long, I can cope with that. 
The missus is staying out more often and for longer and longer, just goes to show, no-one really gives a shit how I'm feeling, they all say they do, words are cheap though.
There is so much more I want to write but I get so tired all the time, I even fall asleep without realising nowadays.
Corrie is on the box so I got to go, an old man has to watch his soaps don't he??