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8th August 2014

I've actually put in a complaint about my care worker after taking some advice from Mind (a mental health charity) I've received a letter from St Georges hospital saying they are concerned at the way I am being treated and will investigate my complaint. I now feel bad because I have done this, but I am so fed up being treated the way I have been, there is one thing on my mind though, is it me that is getting paranoia over this? Or is my feelings true? I am having some doubts now.
My moods have been awful just lately, one minute okay next, well, I feel like doing something stupid. I am still having these 'lapses,' occasional 'hearing things' and occasional 'seeing things.'  Maybe it's because of the constant pain I am in every day that's making me like this, I would really like to know. I do have a doctors appointment next week, had to wait three weeks for it, things are getting worse there also. Doctor Edwards told me way back that if I have any concerns or need anything all I have to do is phone him, how can I do that he is such a busy man.
That's enough for now I am so tired