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28th August 2014

I have been having some really bad issues lately, my own fault I guess, I'm  just too sensitive at times.
I have lost all contact with everybody since my illness was first diagnosed, no-one comes round to see me anymore and I can't go out, then came my stroke, that finished me off, I have had enough of dropping things on the floor,  jeez, it is so difficult to walk at times with my feet and legs so swollen, I've been told by my GP there's nothing that can be done about it, I just can't handle it, I want to get back to work, I hate sitting around day in, day out. The wife reckons there's no chance of me getting a job now. I guess she's right, who's going to employ an old man that loses it at times and can't walk or pick up things properly? No-one.
I might as well give up completely and accept that I am a totally useless waste of space to everyone, the sooner I kick the bucket and leave this world the better. I've just about had enough of everything and everybody. Why can't I just end everything now? I want to die the sooner the better.

I've started a forum for anyone who wants some help if you're feeling depressed or to drop by for some information .... 

I have suffered from the stigma of mental health, don't let it get you down like it has done to me.