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15th April 2013

I was remembering when I was attacked today, the scumbag who felt it was right to attack someone when he was drunk, why do people do this? I doubt he even realizes that I haven't been able to work since, I have had enough of the pain, I have enough of not being able to go to the toilet without feeling pain, I have enlarged prostate, I wish I was dead, easy to say, easy to do, but I would not find it easy to upset my family. 
My wife seems to think that I should be better by now, I am still under hospital care, although they only have to know if I need them,they are a phone call away, my care worker doesn't even know how I am feeling.
I had an 'incident' on dear old Facebook earlier. My brother had made a little joke about having a stroke, me being in such a grotty mood had to get my point across, which my dear brother understood. But some a/hole decided to put his two pennyworth in and have a go at me. as I said I am in a grotty mood today and had to have a go back, wrong I know, normally I just ignore pricks like him, but not this time
Life is such crap I have just about had enough.